American Gut

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  1. Norma Shepard says:

    Please, how do you think that your work relates to increases in incidence of Crohn’s Disease ? Do you have any advice on diet ? Thank you.

  2. Michelle lorash says:

    Can anyone help??? I recently watched a presentation by Rob Knight titled Follow Your Gut. I have an 11 Year old child who is severely suffering! Born C-section, many medical problems following, many antibiotics in his young life! Fast forward to current, he is in the process of a six-month colon cleanse. He is diagnosed ADHD, ODD, severe sensory disorder, high anxiety and asthma. Seems more autistic every day! His meds are not helping! His supplements are not helping! His behavioral therapy and occupational therapy are not helping! His behavior is severely affected! He is suffering emotionally, physically and mentally! He is cold to the touch, pale and lethargic. He has open wounds on his fingers from skin picking. Is there a study that he could be part of that he might benefit from? Is there anybody that can contact me? Is there anything I can do? I’ve done everything I can possibly do here and he continues to go downhill! I’ve used every resource and every doctor/therapist there is here!
    Michelle lorash
    5100 Foster Lane
    Belgrade, MT 59714

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